Koby Israelite: Composer, Producer, Multi- instrumentalist.

Koby is a true, multi-genre master, combining his love of Rock, Classical, Jazz, World Music, Avant-Garde, and eastern European roots. He has produced a unique multi genre music that has won him great success, Koby has collaborated with some of the world's leading names in different genres: from Madonna to John Zorn, from Taraf de Haifouks to Fanfare Chiocarlia. He has become a multi-instrumentalist, particularly mastering the accordion and drums.

Koby’s abilities for composing and recording music were recognized when legendary composer,producer, and label owner John Zorn heard his music. He was signed immediately to Zorn’s ‘Tzadik’ Label, going on to release 4 albums and eventually producing John Zorn himself.

Israelite also writes music for Film, Television, Theatre, Multi-Media and Ballet. With his true passion for all things creative, he decided to build his own studio, and as a result has become a very keen producer. A musician who understood the true essence of the global village, long before it called itself a village; Koby abolishes all musical boundaries, putting a unique mix of ‘everything into everything’.

new album - IS HE LISTENING?